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We put last weeks audio issues in a neat little box and shove them under the stairs to hopefully be forgotten…for a while anyway. This week we have a Doctor in the house, fortunately Karl has been inspected and managed to pass the psych-test, just. 

Dr. Richard Harkness joins Ric, Matt, Baz and Karl too once again talk all things Apple and such.

Apple announces the WWDC Lottery.
What can we expect from this years show?
OpenSSL exploit is out in the Open.
Job’s Holy Google War.
SIRI swallows Novauris….Karl can’t pronounce it though.
Scales for you food.
Don’t wave at the Nest Protect wrong.
Charging your Phone in 30 secs.

The MacMedics tackle troubling ticked tracks for Tim.

Worth a Tweet:
Barry: Office 365
Matt: Henge Docks Horizontal Dock
Richard: Cambridge USB Dacmagic XS

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