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Feb 6, 2014

This week Karl, Matt, Ric and Barry are joined by GazMaz from The MyMac Podcast.


They huddle down and hammer out the week’s Apple news with their usual skill and insight…Ok, you, got us there. 


The OFT outlines new rules for Free-To-Play app developers.


Google sells Motorola and Microsoft gets a new CEO, but what does it all mean for Apple, if anything?


Facebook gets a new app but is it just Paper thin?


PayPal desperately wants to be pally with Apple.


The iPhones on fire, but not in a good way.


AppleTV pins down WWE in it’s content selection.


Healthbook is rumoured to be coming to iOS8. It might help Karl get fit, although, then again…


The MacMedics try to solve another issue.


A few tips in our Worth a Tweet section including how to make you 5S Fingers scanner better.


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