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Feb 19, 2014

It’s episode 007 of Forth, Mac & Forth, licensed to chat without supervision. This week Madden, Karl Madden is joined by Barton, Matt Barton, McCorriston, Ric McCorriston and Gentleman, Barry Gentleman to discuss the weeks’ Apple related news, shaken, not stirred.


Jony Ive disappeared for a few scary moments.

Is Office coming to the iPad and is it too late?

Do iPhone users have ‘Blind Loyalty’?

Samsung and Apple fail to kiss and make up.

Apple’s SIRI ads are ‘mere puffery’.

Apparently links are NOT copyright breaches.


The RumourMill is in full tilt with news of heart attack monitors, possible Tesla purchase and MDM Overhaul(?).


The MacMedics have some sad news for one of our listeners.


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Transporter Sync

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