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Mar 27, 2014

This week Ric, Matt, Baz and Karl are joined but Russ Clewett, from The Airwaves Podcast, to discuss the weeks Apple news. Also Alex Fox pops in for Fox’s Foto Forum and Missy is our new News Roundup Anchor Girl. 

(Apologies for some of the audio this week. We had some issues with the Google Hangout.)

Still No iPlayer for the ATV.
Former Batman to become Jobs?
EyeGo for you iPhone.
Twitter Music, We’d miss you if we knew you.
Tax Loops and Price Hikes…or Drops.
Trump will be responsible for a Larger iPhone.
iTunes for Android?
Fanless MacBook’s?

The Mac Medics tackle a mail issue.

Alex Fox shares some tips for Free Photo Software.

Worth A Tweet
Karl: Chromecast
Russ: Mamp/Mamp Pro 
Matt: PLEX

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