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Apr 23, 2014

This week the usual rabble of Ric, Matt, Baz and Karl are joined by the Grand Jedi Master of Sceencasts, the much revered Don McAllister. He is on hand to bring some order to our usual chaotic proceedings….or, do we corrupt him and turn him to the dark side? Bwahahahah!!!!

Nessie? Is that you?
Exclusives for phone?
Mac Mini, Gaming Machine.
Nike runs out of fuel.
A Green Apple.
You can Yahoo that.
Update Time.

The Mac Medics climb the tower of Babel for a Language issue.

Worth A Tweet
Karl: Unpossible
Matt: Elevation Stand’s Aluminium iMac or Display
Don: Downie
ChatRoom: Project Naptha & Silencer Plug

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