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Jul 16, 2014

The Mac & Forthers return for another week of Apple related news and discussion. Will this be the week they finally become a well tuned team of tech-pundits with devastating insights and opinions?…..Nah, we doubt it too. 

Matt, Ric, Barry and Karl finally remember to press the ‘record’ button on the second attempt at the show but alas the first version, which was just outstandingly amazing, has been lost forever…No, honest.

Apple links up with Big Blue.

Happy Birthday dear App Store.

Google wants us to pick a side.

A little extra in iTunes.

Photos App…But you have to work here.

And obviously the rumours of rumours for iWatch and iPhone 6…Sorry.

Barry has a poxy DMProxy issue.
Karl wants to operate on his iMac…but is scared.

If you have an issue for the MadMedics please email us and we’ll see if we can offer a diagnoses. 

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