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Jul 23, 2014

Somehow Ric and Matt have managed to escape the Mac & Forth padded cell leaving Barry and Karl to host the show. Fortunately they have managed to snag some sensible help in the form of Russ Clewett and David Dean. Will the intrepid guests bring some professionalism to the proceedings or will Bazza and Karl drag them kicking and screaming down to their level? To find out stay tuned for this week’s edition of the Mac & Forth Show…Dun, Dun, Daaaahhhhh!!!! 

Barry and Karl discuss the week’s Apple related news with Russ Clewett from The Airwaves Podcast and David Dean from the I Confess I’m a Geek Podcast

Operating on iMacs

Samsung, stop mocking me.

Backdoor issues?

The same old iTunes?

Apple on the naughty step with the EU…again.

Get ready for tickets.

iTunes Pass is here, pass it on.

More rumours….Oh well.


iPad syncing issues with iTunes…Well, that’s new.

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