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Aug 6, 2015

Anyone remember Karl?  Well he’s busy once again so it’s another Guest Host Episode with Alex Fox trying to make sense of tech and Apple related news stories. This week he is joined by Ric, Mark (EssentialMac & Rampant Mumblings Podcast) and Peter Bird  (The Deeper Look Podcast).

No news round up as Missy’s still away doing things like having fun and not recording podcast round ups so we dive straight into..

IBM reportedly plans to purchase up to 200K MacBooks for employees

Apple could be held liable for supporting terrorism with strong iOS encryption, experts theorize

Edward Snowden Explains Why Apple Should Continue To Fight the Government on Encryption

Security experts create worm that infects Mac firmware and is nearly impossible to get rid of

Crystal for iOS.  Ad..sorry content blocking for iOS

Worth a Tweet:
Alex : Yoink - Matthais Gansrinler. Mac App Store £3.99 
Mark : Cinder World’s only Glass Screen Protector with Real Curved Edges

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