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Sep 30, 2015

This week Dean Murphy, the creator of Crystal, the content blocking app for iOS9, joins Ric, Matt, Karl, Barry and Mark Chappell (EssentialMac & The Rampant Mumblings Podcast) to discuss the recent turmoil that erupted last week regarding his app and what it is like when the tech media zero in on you. Also we discuss the new iPhones and look forward to installing the freshly released El Capitan on our Macs. 

As clear as Crystal.

A Cat and Mouse game.

The media spotlight.

Pink iPhones, or rather Bros Gold.

Faking the News App.

El Capitan is here!!!

Also we have our responses to our last Latched Question and you can join our future Latched conversations by visiting here.

Worth a Tweet:
Karl: Just Press Record Now
Matt: Microsoft Office For Mac 2016
Ric: BitBar
Dean: Television Time - Keep track of your favourite shows
Mark: Crystal - Block Ads, Browse Faster
Barry: Star Wars: Commander - Worlds in Conflict

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