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Oct 30, 2014

A little later than usual Karl is joined by Richard Harkness (Human V2), Alex G. Fox (the Air Waves Podcast) and Russ Clewett (The Airwaves Podcast) to discuss the weeks Apple news. Well, we say discuss, what we really mean is they point and call each other names under the thinly veiled disguise of an Apple related...

Oct 22, 2014

Another week slips by with an Apple annoucement and Barry, Matt and Karl are joined by Richard Harkness (Human V2) to discuss all things announced and lament the things that were no more or were just missing.

The iPad 2 Air floats into view.

The iPad Mini leaves us wanting.

The Mac Mini makes us sad.

The iMac 5K Retina...

Oct 15, 2014

The crew is back from last weeks break raring to get at this weeks Apple news. Matt, Ric, Barry and Karl are joined by the wonderful Kelly Guimont (The Mac Observer & The Aftershow Podcast) to discuss all things Apple related. Will the guys behave or will Kelly have to put them in their place…or vice versa.


Oct 8, 2014

Although the guys are not around this week that doesn't mean the show can't go on. Yes, despite all the sighs of relief when you heard we were not going to be here this week, well, we are here again this week...kind of.

This week Karl has a little chat with Alex Fox, Don McAllister, GazMaz, Guy Serle, Russ Clewett,

Oct 1, 2014

Although Ric is away this week doing Ric related things Matt, Barry and Karl remain to discuss the week’s Apple news. This week they are joined by Robert Falck who will surely bring some sensibilities to the whole proceedings….then again…Also Karl gets to show off his lack of knowledge…again.

Healthkit app jog...