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Sep 17, 2014

A week has passed since Apple’s announcements and the panel have had time to reflect on their initial thoughts. Have they changed at all? Have the pros become cons? Has the reality distortion field faded? Can you really not get quicker than a Kwik Fit Fitter? All or none of these questions will be answered on this week’s show as Ric, Matt, Barry and Karl are joined by the Master of Screencasts himself, Don McAllister from ScreenCastsOnline.

iOS8 Arrives.

1Password goes Free…oh wait.

Record Pre-Orders.

More iWatch, I mean Apple Watch thoughts.

Visa Europe ready for Apple Pay.

U2 can remove U2.

The iPod Classic remembered.


The MacMedics
The strange case of the disappearing iTunes control buttons.

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Worth a Tweet:
Karl: Spider-Man Unlimited 
Ric: Google Maps Engine
Storm (Chatroom): Omnifocus 2 for iPad
Alex (Chatroom): Who is on my Wifi

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