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Oct 30, 2014

A little later than usual Karl is joined by Richard Harkness (Human V2), Alex G. Fox (the Air Waves Podcast) and Russ Clewett (The Airwaves Podcast) to discuss the weeks Apple news. Well, we say discuss, what we really mean is they point and call each other names under the thinly veiled disguise of an Apple related podcast, but what do you expect really?

Lock up your Trolls.

iTunes on Decline.

Silencing the Beats.

Office for Yosemite.

More NFC.

No parts for iPod.

Challenge an Apple Exec.

The MacMedics

If you have an issue for the MadMedics please email us and we’ll see if we can offer a diagnosis.

Worth A Tweet

Karl: Amazon Fire TV £79
Richard: Plague Inc £0.99
Russ: SmugMug App for iPad £Free
Alex: Eagle USB/Sync Cradle Destop Charger £9.99

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Theme Music by: Russ Clewett
News Roundup read by: Missy

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