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Jul 30, 2015

Once again Karl is taking a break and leaving the lunatics to run the asylum. Mark Chappell (EssentialMac & The Rampant Mumblings Podcast) tries to keep the regular offenders under control.  Matt, Ric and Mr Alex Fox are all up for parole and only their views and opinions could possibly set them free…So, no chance of that then. 

This week Guy Serle steps in to do Guy’s News Roundup

Windows 10 is Released..
Are we just interested because it’s free for now or will this Microsoft everywhere approach make Apple get its hustle on?

UK banks HSBC, First Direct go live with promised Apple Pay support
Finally some might say!

Amazon Prime Music hits the UK as Spotify and Apple Music rival
1 million songs for Prime customers but does it really matter or add anything to amazon?

iPad's dominance continues to fade in shrinking tablet market, latest IDC data shows
While the Apple iPad held on to its position as the leading tablet brand worldwide during the June quarter, the gap with other tablet makers shrank .

Opinion: Do we hold on to our tech too long?
Talking point is that are people resenting Apple for sunsetting hardware because their stuff lasts so long.  iPhone 4s getting a new lease of life, Apple TV 2 getting more life?

Breakthrough could finally bring wireless charging to iPhone
Would you prefer a phone that lasts longer or one you can charge easier

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