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Dec 7, 2023

This week on 'The Mac & Forth Show Podcast,' Alan, Steve, and Karl are set to tickle your tech fancy with some Apple-flavoured news and quirks! First up, Apple TV gives the boot to 'Central Park' and 'Swagger,' leaving us wondering if Apple's got a new trick up its sleeve or just a tighter belt. Then, the guys tackle the drama around the FiLMiC video app for iPhone - is it really curtains for this beloved app, or just a cliffhanger? In a blast from the past, they'll marvel at a RadioShack cheque signed by none other than Steve Jobs - talk about a pricey autograph! The plot thickens this side of the pond, where iPhone 15 Pro Max orders are playing a game of switcheroo with fakes. Oh, the intrigue! In a bizarre tech twist, an Android phone thief soon returns it when they realise it’s not an iPhone! And for the grand finale, AirTags turn into plant detectives, tracking down pilfered greenery. It's like a 'Where's Waldo?' for plants! All this, and slightly more on this week’s episode.


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