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Mar 27, 2014

This week Ric, Matt, Baz and Karl are joined but Russ Clewett, from The Airwaves Podcast, to discuss the weeks Apple news. Also Alex Fox pops in for Fox’s Foto Forum and Missy is our new News Roundup Anchor Girl. 

(Apologies for some of the audio this week. We had some issues with the Google Hangout.)

Still No iPlayer...

Mar 20, 2014

There is Apple news out there, roaming free, so Matt, Baz, Ric and Karl go on safari to track it down.

Apple releases an 8Gb 5c, but for who?
The iPad 4 makes a comeback.
OneNote is free for all, take note.
A kernel of a vulnerability
PopCorn Time has gone…wait, now it’s back again.
No TV for you.
Jony Ive does an...

Mar 13, 2014

We've finally reached a double digit episode, soon our little Podcast will be old enough to drink. It’s another week that Matt, Ric, Barry and Karl hunt down and discuss the weeks Apple related news and boy is it a busy one.


Apple finally releases iOS 7.1
iTunes gets another Festival
iRadio is catching on
Star Trek...

Mar 6, 2014

This week Matt, Baz, Ric and Karl have to behave themselves as they are joined by a lovely lady. Kelly Guimont throws caution to the wind and jumps in with the usual nonsense that passes for a show around here.

Apple reveals Carplay.
Peter Oppenheimer is leaving Apple to spend more time with his money.
The 13inch...