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May 14, 2015

This week Ric returns to the fold to join Barry, Matt, Karl as well as Mark Chappell (EssentialMac & The Rampant Mumblings Podcast)  to mull over the weeks Apple and tech related stories. Plus one of the panel finally has their Apple Watch. 

MacBooks in Apple Stores, finally. 

Greenpeace likes green apple.

Apple beats Spotify?

A tracking too far.

Annoying Tweets. 

At last one of us has an Apple Watch. 

Worth a Tweet:
Karl: Twitterrific 5 for iOS
Matt 1: LUNATIK Epik for Watch - A rugged aluminium case and strap
Matt 2: Hub+ - a mini hub and iDevice battery for you new MacBook
Barry: Does Not Commute - Mediocre AB - Free
Ric: Fēnix 3
Mark: Edifier LUNA Eclipse E25 Bluetooth speakers

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