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Oct 21, 2015

This week Andrew Stephens (Dr. Happy Mac) joins Ric, Barry, Karl and Mark Chappell (EssentialMac and Rampant Mumberlings) to discuss the weeks Apple related news as well as the new Star Wars trailer and Back to the Future day….Yeah, it was ‘that’ kind of week.

The New Apple TV is nearly here.

The Harsh truth of the 21.5inch iMac.

Ban the Pad.

My Macbook is a peeling.

Apple switches off the Electric Motorcycle.

iKettle in Hot Water.

Also we have our responses to our last Latched Question and you can join our future Latched conversations by visiting here.

Worth a Tweet:
Karl: Waze
Andrew: iCups
Ric: Sonos Voice
Barry: Star Wars Trailer

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