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Apr 3, 2014

Well our thirteenth episode didn’t go exactly as planned with our Google Hangout refusing to play nicely. However, we muddle through  and solider on.

This week Ric, Matt, Baz & Karl are joined by Robert Falck to natter about Apple and other things that slip into their consciousness stream.

Robert Falck’s book can be purchased here.
Rob’s Podcast: The Streak Speaks

Did we all manage to side step the week’s April Fools jokes?
Office for iPad is finally here.
Updates for iWork and Safari…Woop.
iFixit’s Boss is not happy.
No Typo for you.
Ink Saving Fonts, a teenager and the US Goverment.
You can now Nest in the UK.
Transporter Apps.
Mounting the Mac Pro.
A wafer thin iPhone…maybe.

The Medics tackle Mounting.

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The Mini Mount
A Simple Guide To A Healthy Digital Life

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