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Oct 22, 2014

Another week slips by with an Apple annoucement and Barry, Matt and Karl are joined by Richard Harkness (Human V2) to discuss all things announced and lament the things that were no more or were just missing.

The iPad 2 Air floats into view.

The iPad Mini leaves us wanting.

The Mac Mini makes us sad.

The iMac 5K Retina makes us drool.

Apple's doing ok for cash.

IBM Apps arriving soon.

Is it time for Tim to tuck in?

A James Bond Car & Phone.

The Mac Medics
Myterious Mac Duplicates.

If you have an issue for the MacMedics please email us and we’ll see if we can offer a diagnosis.

Worth A Tweet
Karl: Citymapper - the Ultimate Transport App - London + other global cities - £Free
Barry: Battle Legacy £2.99
Matt: OSX Yosemite £Free
Richard: Authy £free - Time to Enable Two-Step Authentication
Clive Hammet via G+: iStat Mini £1.49
Peter via the Chatroom: Tweetlogic for Twitter £1.99
Serenak via Chatroom: Intro Duction to Cyber Security

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Theme Music by: Russ Clewett
News Roundup read by: Missy

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